Hawaiian Vacation May 2000

May 2000

May 26: Arrival on Maui
The Chocolate experience
May 28: Shopping Trip to Lahaina
Driving in the United States
May 28: A drive to Lahaina Town
Eggs in America
Maui Prince Hotel Visit
Condo Pictures
Volcano and Crater Information
Horseback Rides in the Volcano Crater
The Historical Whaling Town of Lahaina
The Hawaiian Language - Only 12 letters
May 29: Snorkeling
May 30: Shopping and Sightseeing
Gene's Proof of Travel
June 1: Horseback Riding into Volcano
Yellow School Bus
June 3: The Trip to Hana - Helicopter Back
June 4: The Old Lahaina Luau
June 5: Bicycle Down the Volcano (38 miles)
June 6: Drive to the Lava Flows
June 7: Fly Home (sigh)