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Christmas and New Years 1998 in Perth, Australia

1. Initial Pictures from my Apartment in Perth

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2. Dec. 24 Around the Town for a Quick Tour

3. Dec. 25 (Christmas Day) at Kate's House

4. Dec. 26 - Saturday - Boxing Day

5. Dec. 27 - Coastline Trip North of Perth

6. Dec. 28 - A Walk-About Day

7. Dec 29 - Something Like Home

8. Dec. 30 - Jan. 1 - Quiet Days in the Sunny Land

9. Jan. 3 - A Drive in the Country

Map of Australia (see lower left for Perth) - Click Here

For the Christmas/New Years holidays, I decided I wanted to go somewhere warm but not the usual places such as Florida, Hawaii or the Caribbean. When my friend Kate suggested that Perth (Australia) was always warm during this time of the year...their Summer (usually mid-80 to mid-90s), I thought to myself .... why not?

So, I booked flights on British Airways to take me there. The traditional route from Chicago to Australia is from Chicago to San Francisco (or Los Angeles) to Sydney and then on to Perth. THese were all booked early and unavailable so I opted to go the other direction. I flew from Chicago to London and then on to Singapore and then to Perth. This actually ended up being less expensive compared to the "traditional route".

I spent 24 hours of actual flying and another 7 hours of dead (waiting) time in airports.

I had fairly good seats (coach) most of the way with the seat next to me being empty except for the last 4.5 hours.

It seems these days the airlines provide almost non-stop TV (big screen in each section) of movies and TV shows (Friends, Ellen, Seinfeld). I saw 6 movies and various TV shows on the trip out to Australia.

When I left Chicago, the temperature was 24 degrees and upon arrival at Perth, the temperature was noted to be 84. There was a beautiful blue (cloudless) sky.

I booked a room at the Mounts Bay Apartments. This is a new complex of "corporate" apartments with full amentites (kitchen, washer/dryer, computer jacks, etc.). If you are interested, you can look at their web pages at:

I will be posting pictures from various activities/days while I'm here (probably of interest only to me... but what the heck) in case you want to see what I'm up to.